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ASCENT logoTo mark the end of the first ASCENT cycle and celebrate the beginning of the second, we are holding the final London Surgeries. London Borough Surgeries have been an important way to increase the knowledge and capability of women sector organisations over the last few years. London Borough Surgeries have improved many women’s organisation’s knowledge on commissioning and provided them with valuable opportunities to network and develop effective partnerships and collaborative ways to tackle violence against women and girls.

As these are the final London Borough Surgeries, we are holding 2 separate but connected events focusing on ‘Crossing Boundaries and the impact on women and girls’ incorporating and building on previous Surgeries. It is an opportunity for organisations working in the women’s sector, as well as representatives from London boroughs and councils, to come together to tackle these questions collaboratively through a rich variety of talks, workshops and activities. The events aim to facilitate conversation, find solutions, share perspectives and visions, identify obstacles and develop long lasting and beneficial collaboration and partnership.

Please note you will have to register for each day separately.

What’s it about?

Boundaries are crossed in a variety of interlinked and complex ways for women and girls that have or are experiencing violence as well as for those organisations, institutions and authorities working with them. Boundaries are crossed in a variety of ways such as geographically where women move internationally, nationally or between London boroughs. Further, the existence of other boundaries such as culture, race, disability, organisations, institutions, socio-economic status also impact women in interlinked and complex ways, particularly for women and girls who have or are experiencing violence.

DAY 1 will include a Forum Theatre session where professional actors will present a scenario before the audience is tasked with solving the particular issues faced by one of the actors from the scenario. Themes of Day 1 include BME communities, intersectionality and complex needs, immigration and trafficking, Equalities Act and introducing ASCENT for the second funding cycle. 

DAY 2 will build on the discussions and themes from Day 1, but is a standalone event incorporating interactive discussions, workshops and speakers. Themes of day 2 include austerity, women’s movement, Equalities Act, BME networking and a final panel discussion on the question ‘how we break down boundaries and move forward?’.

Who is this event for?

  • Services that address the needs of those at risk of or suffering from VAWG
  • Voluntary and community sector organisations
  • Statutory sector services
  • Officers from different public service teams such as safeguarding, housing, social service
  • Commissioners of VAWG services
  • Partner organisations from related areas of delivery especially those that address women’s health needs, homelessness and housing, no recourse to public funds, refugee and asylum seekers, young people, substance misuse etc
  • Survivors

The events aim to:

  • Raise questions such as what does it mean for women who flee abuse by moving boroughs? How does their movement affect the support available? What does crossing boundaries mean for children? How can organisations better address women crossing boundaries?
  • Increase participants understanding and awareness of boundaries and the interlinked and complex ways they impact women, particularly those that have been or are experiencing violence.
  • Facilitate conversation, find solutions and share perspectives and visions
  • Identify obstacles and develop long lasting and beneficial collaboration and partnerships
  • Focus on intersectionality and complex needs, the BME community, geographical movement, political climate, organisations and institutions and health.

Spaces are limited. Refreshments and lunch provided.

Due to strict funding requirements, places are limited to two participants per organisation.

Date and Time:

Tuesday 28 March: 9.00-16.30. Register for day 1 here.

Monday 3 April: 9.00-16.45. Register for day 2 here.


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