When: Thursday, 27 July, 2016

10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Where: Women’s Resource Centre, United House, North Road LONDON N7 9DP

Who is it for?

Voluntary and Community Sector frontline organisations who want to learn how to use human rights and equality documents to make the case for their services and improve their work.


 What is it about?

In the UK there are several documents that set out recommendations for Equalities and Human Rights. Not all of these are legally binding but they are tools that you can use to protect the rights of your service users, improve your own practice as an organisation and to make the case for the continued provision of the services that you provide.

This training covers: The Equalities Act 2010, the Public Sector Equality Duty 2011, CEDAW, the Localism Act 2011, using Judicial Review and influencing The Police Commissioners Action Plans.

This training will help you increase your knowledge of the pieces of current human rights and equalities documents that are referred to in the UK, raise your awareness of how they are relevant to your service users and give you the skills to use them to make the case for your organisation and the services you provide.

In the training we will:

  • Give an overview of the equalities and human rights documents used in the UK.
  • Use case studies to demonstrate how decisions can be challenged.
  • Describe how you can use these to make the case for providing your services.
  • Explain how you can contribute to the development and reporting processes linked to human rights and equalities in the UK.

 What will you take away?

  • Information on the key pieces of human rights and equalities legislation in the UK
  • Tools to help you advise your service users of their rights and how they can challenge situations where they consider their rights to not be upheld
  • Resources to help you develop your knowledge of equalities and human rights further and use them to the benefit of your service users

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This training is FUNDED for Voluntary and Community organisations and Social Enterprises based in London.

If you do not fulfill the above criteria the following applies:

  • If your organisation is a Member of WRC you will need to pay £25 for the full day,
  • If your organisation is not a member of WRC you will need to pay £50 for the full day.

Please note that we can only allow two participants per organisation for this training session. Thank you for your understanding.

Please read our Training Policies about cancellations, late arrivals etc. here.

For more information please contact Siel or call us on 020 7697 3461.