Principles and values

The London VAWG Consortium will move forward on the basis of the following agreed principles and values. All members of the Consortium will sign up to and abide by these principles and values:

  • Consortium members will have a feminist and anti-racist ethos and work on human rights principles.
  • The consortium members will ensure that the needs of BMER women are addressed across all service strands in line with the ethos of ‘led by and for.’
  • Members will have a commitment to ‘led by and for’ provision (This means services governed and delivered by the communities of interest which they serve, for example: BMER services will be delivered by organisations who are governed and staffed by BMER women) and women-centred services.  Where there are exceptions, this will be because members have specific and specialist services for women that are considered essential in meeting the needs of women and children affected by VAWG
  • The Consortium may choose to work with or sub-contract services from organisations who do not meet the criteria or fully agree with the principles set out below, if they judge those services to be essential in meeting the aims of the Consortium and the needs of its beneficiaries.
  • All members will have a commitment to equality and diversity and will need to meet the minimum standards set by the Consortium.
  • The Consortium will be committed to good quality design and service provision for women, and will support each other to improve quality through sharing expertise, resources and capacity and identifying any promising practises that effectively meet the needs of women and girls affected by VAWG.
  • The Consortium and its members recognise the importance of specialist and targeted services. It will ensure that all communities of interest are represented in the Consortium, and will commit to identifying and meeting gaps in need. It will develop a proper referral pathway for targeted services. It will negotiate around the needs of targeted organisations and services and will commit to maintaining and sustaining specialist and targeted provision.
  • The Consortium will recognise the contribution and limitations of smaller organisations. It will agree minimum participation in the consortium taking into account smaller members’ needs and ensure that smaller organisations are supported to participate. It will ensure that proportionality is maintained in expectations of smaller members, and that expectations of smaller organisations are clearly set out.
  • Members will be honest and accountable to each other and to the Consortium as a whole. They will commit to challenge each other and address any issues of contention which threaten the effectiveness or progress of the Consortium and are counter to its principles and values.
  • Members agree not to bid competitively against the consortium with any other provider or partnership outside the Consortium or alone for VAWG funding from London Councils. Members will not discuss specifics of the planning or bidding process with another provider or partnership outside the Consortium. If at any stage the Consortium agrees not to go ahead with bidding for funding for a specific strand, members may by agreement with the Consortium bid for the contract with another partnership.
  • Potential conflicts of interest that may threaten the partnership and specifically its competitive advantage in relation to London Councils funding will be declared and discussed by members.
  • All members of the consortium to demonstrate financial viability, to be registered charities or not for profit, and have appropriate governance structures in place.

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