Find an Ascent service provider in Hounslow

There are eighteen Ascent organisations working with women and girls who have experienced violence, and to prevent violence against women and girls, in Hounslow.


The following organisation are delivering prevention training in secondary schools, primary schools and in out of school settings, in Hounslow:


Asian Women’s Resource Centre


Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation

IMECE Women’s Centre

Latin American Women’s Rights Service


Southall Black Sisters


Women and Girls Network

Solace Women’s Aid

For more information, please call Tender on 020 7697 4275.

Find out more about the prevention services here.

Advice and Counselling

The following organisation are advice and counselling in Hounslow:


Rights of Women 

Southall Black Sisters

Women and Girls Network

For more information, please call Solace Advice Hub on 0808 802 5565.

Find out more about advice and counselling services here.

Ending Harmful Practices

The following organisation is providing services to end harmful practices in Hounslow:

Women and Girls Network

For more information, please call Asian Women’s Resource Centre on 020 8961 6549.

Find out more about ending harmful practices services here.

Specialist Refuge

The following organisation is delivering specialist refuge provision in Hounslow:

Solace Women’s Aid 

For more information, please call Ashiana Network on 020 8539 0427.

Find out more about specialist refuge services here.

Domestic and Sexual Violence Helplines

The following organisations are delivering domestic and sexual violence helplines, in Hounslow:


Women and Girls Network

Rape and sexual abuse support centre

Women’s Aid

For more information, please call the 24 Hour Domestic Violence Helpline (run in partnership by Women’s Aid and Refuge) on 0808 2000 247.

Find out more about domestic and sexual violence helplines services here.

Support Services to Organisations

The Ascent project delivers an array of training and events to increase the capacity and effectiveness of the organisations that are delivering services to combat violence against women and girls. These services include 1:1 support, sustainability training, expert led training, accredited training, seminars and Special Events that bring together women’s organisations and commissioners within the borough.

These services are delivered by:



Rights of Women


Women and Girls Network 

Women’s Resource Centre

For more information, please call Women’s Resource Centre on 020 7697 3450.

Find out more about support services to organisations here.