Asian Women’s Resource Centre

About the Asian Women’s Resource CentreAsian Womens Resource Centre

The AWRC is based in the London Borough of Brent is one of the oldest Asian Women’s organisations of its kind in the United Kingdom.

The Centre provides advice, support and information within a culturally sensitive, confidential and non-judgmental framework. It is one of the pioneering organisations dealing with gender and equality issues amongst BAMER (Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic & Refugee) women and children. The AWRC is predominantly funded by London Councils, Brent Council, small Trusts, Charities and donations.

The AWRC provides a range of services to BAMER women and children across London. This includes the provision of advice and information, domestic violence advocacy services, counselling, women’s drop in activities, support group services, a luncheon club, crèche facilities, a children’s summer play scheme and sexual health advice along with a pregnancy testing service and a condom distribution scheme.

One of their key areas of our work is to address violence against women’s issues (which include domestic & sexual violence, forced marriages, honour killings and to support women who have no recourse to public funds). In addition, the Centre provides a safe environment for the children of survivors, many of whom have witnessed the abuse perpetrated against their mother’s or have suffered abuse also. Furthermore, the Centre tackles the many challenges associated with violence such as homelessness, welfare benefits, child contact/ legal issues involving children, drugs and alcohol, mental health, parental conflicts, employment, immigration, cultural and religious pressures such as “sharam” (shame) and “izzat” (honour) which hold women in abusive relationships. Many of these issues have a direct and/or indirect impact on the children by way of the child’s physical, emotional and psychological well-being and are issues that the Centre strives to highlight and tackle.

AWRC’s role within the consortium

Asian Women’s Resource Centre is a leading agency in the project called “Women Against Harmful Practices” funded through London Councils strand 2.6:  Specifically targeted services FGM, Honour based violence (HBV), forced marriage and other harmful practices.

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