IMECE Women’s Centre

IMECElogoAbout IMECE Women’s Centre

IMECE Women’s Centre is a woman only organisation supporting Black, Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BMER) women, particularly Turkish, Kurdish and Turkish Cypriot women to improve quality of their lives.

IMECE Women’s Centre assists women survivors of Violence against Women and Girls through provision of a wide range of services in a safe, secure and women only space.

IMECE Women’s Centre sets out to achieve these aims through the provision of;

  • Specialist information, advice and advocacy
  • Violence against Women intervention and resettlement support
  • Health and mental health support
  • Family Support
  • Volunteering opportunities and specialist workforce development
  • Awareness raising, capacity building and training
  • Strategic engagement with local, national and European policy makers
  • Research
  • Trips and social gatherings

IMECE Women’s Centre’s role within the Consortium:

Advice and Counselling


One to One Support: IMECE Women’s Centre provides crises intervention support and up to four weeks of follow up work which includes risk assessment, safety planning, support with welfare benefits and housing, support with taking legal actions and follow up with resettlement issues.

Support Groups: IMECE Women’s Centre provides generic and specialist on-going women’s support groups. Whilst their generic groups are open to women from all backgrounds, our specialist groups are specifically tailored for women from Turkish/Kurdish/Turkish Cypriot backgrounds.

Drop-ins: After each support group session IMECE Women’s Centre provides drop-in services to provide advice and guidance in a private space. Women can get advice and advocacy around many issues including welfare benefits, housing, resettling, child contact, etc.


IMECE Women’s Centre will be providing 6-15 sessions one-to-one counselling, on-going support groups and 6 weeks confidence building workshops to women from Turkish, Kurdish and other Turkish Speaking background.

Harmful Practices Advice Service

IMECE Women’s Centre provides specialist one-to-one support for harmful practices survivors, particularly Forced Marriage and ‘Honour’ Based violence survivors. As part of their advice work they also provide specialist support groups and workshops.

One to One Support: includes casework with crises intervention and up to 4 weeks of follow up work. The survivors risk is assessed and a safety plan is devised for every case.

Support Groups and Workshops: IMECE Women’s Centre runs support groups for women and awareness raising workshops for both women and professionals.


IMECE Women’s Centre provides specialist and generic sessions of set workshops to children and young people aged between 9 and 18, offering interactive education programmes in primary and secondary school and out-of-school settings. In specialist sessions they particularly focus on Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence.

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