London Black Women’s Project

About London Black Women’s Project

London Black Women’s Project (LBWP) was established in 1987 as a women-only black feminist organisation to serve the needs of black minority ethnic and refugee women. LBWP’s mission is committed to securing the highest level of quality services towards protecting, promoting and developing the rights and resources of women and girls. LBWP works towards the eradication of gender violence from the perspective of intersectionality. LBWP promotes zero tolerance and work towards building a non-violent society where women and children are safe. We deliver the following services:

  • Refuge accommodation and housing and resettlement support services for women and children fleeing domestic violence. We provide safe space so that they can rebuild their lives from violence and harm and move on to housing of their own.
  • Therapeutic support and counselling services to children in the refuges, girls and women.
  • Support groups to women and girls of all ages.
  • A creative arts healing, recovery and support project focusing on sexual violence.
  • Workshops on preventing violence against women and girls and awareness raising.
  • A specialist project addressing the normalistaion, acceptance and tolerance of violence against women and girls supporting women and girls affected by grooming and sexual exploitation.
  • Legal advice services based on the human rights based approaching covering housing. homelessness, welfare rights, gender-based violence and immigration.

We also deliver training to professionals covering harmful practices, safeguarding, child protection and issues regarding gender-based violence. Or current research focus include sexual abuse and exploitation and addressing legal pluralism/private legal processes and their legitimising agents.

London Black Women’s Project joined the London VAWG Consortium in May 2017.

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