About Respectrespect

Respect: men and women working together to end domestic violence

Respect is a membership organisation. They develop, deliver and support effective services for:

  • male and female perpetrators of domestic violence
  • young people who use violence and abuse at home and in relationships
  • men who are victims of domestic violence

They run two helplines:

  • The Respect Phoneline – freephone 0808 802 4040 – for domestic violence perpetrators and professionals who would like further information about services for those using violence/abuse in their intimate partner relationships.
  • The Men’s Advice Line – freephone 0808 801 0327 – for men experiencing domestic violence

Respect’s services include:

  • Support, resources and training for members
  • Managing accreditation of perpetrator programmes
  • Developing work with young people
  • Promoting knowledge of research about domestic violence and collaboration between researchers, practitioners and policy makers
  • Influencing public policy and providing a national voice on men’s violence against women
  • Running the Respect Phoneline, a confidential helpline for domestic violence perpetrators.
  • Running the Men’s Advice Line, a confidential helpline offering support, information and practical advice to male victims of domestic violence.

Respect’s role within the consortium

Respect is part of the ‘Support services to organisations’ project, which works to deliver:

  • Sustainability training
  • Accredited training
  • Expert-led training
  • Policy consultations
  • Newsletters
  • Good practise briefings

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