Woman’s Trust

About Woman’s Trust

Woman’s Trust was formed in 1996 by female survivors of domestic abuse, counsellors and women to provide local specialist mental health support for women affected by domestic abuse in London. We understand that domestic abuse can severely impact a woman’s mental health and makes them vulnerable to depression, anxiety, isolation, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance misuse, self-harm and suicidal ideation.

Woman’s Trust’s objective is to empower women and enable them to overcome the debilitating effects of domestic abuse in order to regain control of their lives. We do this by offering them therapeutic services to help them improve their mental health. We enable clients to move on from their past, make good choices, better support themselves and their children, play an active role in the community and live free from abuse.

Woman’s Trust provides therapeutic services to women affected by domestic abuse. We offer the following services to women across London:

Person-centered Counselling:  One-to-one counselling following a person-centered approach where women are encouraged to take the lead in session, helping them to regain their voice and recover.

Support Groups: Women come together and share their experiences. They are empowered by receiving and giving support and they learn they are not alone, breaking the isolation often caused by abuse.

Psycho-Educational Workshops: One-day workshops that help women understand DA and learn skills to cope practically and emotionally and move forward.

Crisis Counselling: Three immediate sessions of counselling that help women cope while they wait for longer-term support.

Mother/child workshops: Art-based therapeutic workshops for mothers to attend with their children and help repair the bond often damaged by DA.

Role within Consortium

Woman’s Trust joined the Consortium in 2017.