Highlights from the final London Borough Surgeries

This video depicts some of the highlights from the final London Borough Surgeries. The theme of the Surgeries were ‘Crossing Boundaries and the impact on women and and the women’s sector’. The events facilitated a lot of interesting and fascinating conversations and discussions that we hope will extend well beyond the days.

Conversation with Yasmin Rehman, London VAWG Consortium Coordinator

 In this video Yasmin talks about the challenges of the women’s sector and the necessity of a holistic approach and understanding of violence against women and girls. She also talks about the importance of the Consortium and how the Consortium can support the women’s sector.

The Order of Things – El orden de las Cosas:

The Order of Things – El orden de las cosas it’s a short film by the Alenda Brothers, that shows Julia (a survivor of domestic abuse) who is depicted as being trapped in the bath,  grows stronger “drop by drop” (using the water as a metaphor) until she gains the courage to change ‘the order of things’.

This short film is about Hope. The false perception that a women in this situation just decide one day to leave a violent relationship when really this is a gradual and difficult decision.

‘The order of things’ reflects the inherited “order” that patriarchal societies insist, perpetuating generation after generation and in this case how the “order of things” affects not only the life of the woman, but all of those surrounding the perpetrator.

Special thanks to Solita Films for allowing us to use this production as part of our ASCENT web-based resources.



A conversation with London Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) Leads – Podcast

Back in March 2016 the Women Resource Centre invited all London Borough VAWG leads to have a conversation to talk about their local VAWG’s strategies, how are they commissioning at local level and to share the good experiences as well as the challenges of they have experienced. To hear about this follow the link to the first episode of this series of podcasts:

Episode 1: Commissioning Violence against Women and Girls services across London boroughs.

We also asked questions and had a very interesting conversation about women inequalities, specialist e independent services, BME led “by and for” organisations and their role in giving women a voice that allows them to speak for themselves; how the work of independent specialist organisations links to a wider agenda of social change and how Pan-London services fit with local commissioning. The views of our guests represent their own experience of working in the area of violence against women and girls and not necessarily those of the boroughs that they represent at the moment as they all brought a wealth of experience that reflects their whole professional careers.
You can hear this conversation

Episode 2: Discussion of the components that shape VAWG services in London

Our guests were: Anne Clark, London Borough Barking and Dagenham; Manju Lukhman, London Borough of Barnet; Shan Kilby; London Borough of Enfield; Elena Saragato, London Borough of Hounslow; Ade Solarin London Borough of Lewisham; Adam French; London Borough of Sutton and Meghan Field; Tri-borough area Hammersmith & Fulham; Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster.

CEDAW – A superhero for women in Scotland

In this video Engender Scotland talks about why do we need to know about UN Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). Adopted in 1979 by the UN General Assembly, CEDAW is often described as an international bill of rights for women.


Writing a successful funding proposal

This video will let you know the various steps of writing a successful funding proposal which is essential for a project.

London Borough Surgery

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Stronger together: Working in Partnership event, March 2014

Under the Ascent Project, funded by London Councils, the Women’s Resource Centre brought together a range of organisations and charities to talk about partnerships and working together.


What is VAWG?

What does the term ‘violence against women and girls’ mean? And why is it so important?

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What’s so special about specialist services?

Specialist services are those that cater for specific individuals and communities, as opposed to catering for all. We know that they are incredibly important. Here you can find out why.

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What is the Ascent Project?

Welcome to a short video introduction to London VAWG Consortium’s newly launched Ascent project. It is briefly highlights the diverse areas of work of the various Ascent project members.

In particular, it emphasises the aims of the Ascent project and the positive impact of Ascent’s work on both lives and societies.